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Feerick Law & Relaty Secures Eight Figure Result For Client

Feerick Law & Realty represented a public works general contractor and prosecuted an eight-figure work character change claim against the public entity owner.  The owner issued numerous design changes and directives that changed the character of the project.  The firm was able to synthesize complex issues of fact and law into a single claim against the owner for a change in character of the work.  After aggressive litigation, the firm was able to successfully settle the claim with the owner and got the contractor paid.

Feerick Law & Realty Knocks Out First Three Bidders On Bid Protest To Secure Job For Client

Generally, a public entity is required to award a construction project to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder, subject to the many exceptions and laws within California’s complex public bidding statutory scheme.  The firm represented a contractor who bid on a local public agency project with an estimated cost of $6,600,000.00.  When the agency opened bids, the client was the fourth low bidder.  Utilizing its mastery of California’s complex public bidding laws, the firm combed through the bids of the three other bids and identified several defects which rendered their bids nonresponsive under the law.  The firm filed a formal protest of award to the three lower bidders.  The public agency agreed with the firm and rejected the three bids as nonresponsive.  The public agency then awarded the project to our client.

Feerick Law & Realty Secures Release of Six Figure Liquidated Damages Withholding

When a contractor is late in completing a project, the public entity is entitled to withold liquidated damages as a pentalty for the contractor’s delay, subject to certain exceptions under the law.  During one such project, the public entity issued several design changes that delayed the completion of the project.  The public entity blamed the general contractor for the delay and assessed liquidated damages in excess of six figures.  The firm represented the general contractor and filed a formal claim against the public entity.  Using its extensive knowledge of the owner’s delay specification and time extension entitlement under California law, the firm was able to shift blame from the contractor to the agency for the delay.  In the end, the firm secured the release of the entire liquidated damages withholding through its claim, without filing a lawsuit.

Feerick Law & Relaty Helps Homeowner Recover From Predatory Contractor

Feerick Law & Realty represented a homeowner who hired a contractor to remodel her home.  What started as a model project quickly turned into a nightmare for our client.  The contractor stole materials, refused to schedule mandatory inspections with the City, and eventually abandoned the project.  The homeowner had to hire a new contractor to come in and complete the project.  When the new contractor began work, he quickly realized the old contractor defectively installed several components affecting the structure and safety of the home.  The homeowner had to paid a five-figure sum to remedy the damage.  The homeowner then contacted Feerick Law & Realty to recover the debts due.  The firm drafted formal demands to the contractor and its bonding company to demand restitution.  Both intially denied all liability and refused to pay.  Through aggressive representation and superior knowledge of California’s contracting laws, we were able to reverse the denial of liability and get the homeowner paid in full without the need for a lawsuit.

Feerick Law & Realty Successfully Defends Against Bid Protest On $17,000,000.00 Project

The firm represented the low bidder on a public works project owned by the State of California, Department of Transportation (“Caltrans”).  The project was estimated to cost $17,000,000.00.  The second low bidder protested the award to the firm’s client.  Using its superior knowledge of California’s public bidding laws, the firm was able to defend against the protest.  Caltrans awarded the project to the firm’s client.  However, the dispute did not end there.  The protesting bidder filed a writ of mandate in court challenging Caltrans’ decision to award to the firm’s client.  The firm, again, successfully defended against the writ and the judge dismissed the case.

Feerick Law & Realty Knocks Out Nonresponsive Bidder To Secure $7,000,000.00 Project For Client

The State of California has complex laws in place to secure participation of disadvantaged business enterprises (“DBE”) on public projects.  Sometimes, bidders try to bend the rules to make it seem like they will utilize more particiaption from DBEs than what they actually secured.  The firm’s client was second place on a $7,000,000.00 project.  At first glance, the apparent low bidder appeared to secure enough DBE particpation to be awarded the project.  However, the firm was able to identify that the low bidder had utilized incorrect NAICS codes such that its participation could not be counted.  The firm filed a formal protest and was able to knock out the low bidder on this basis.  The State awarded the project to the firm’s client.

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